Which types of cancer can be treated with immunotherapy

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Will Immunotherapy Beat Cancer?

Breakthroughs in the treatment of cancer are constantly being announced. This often involves immunotherapy: Here, immune cells in the body are made so fit that they recognize and fight cancer cells. Tumor immunologist Philipp Beckhove explains whether we can defeat cancer in this way.

Cancer: Cells mutate and malignant tumors form. Cancer treatment is a medical Mount Everest. But humanity does not give up. Intensive research is currently being carried out into the question of how to get the body to recognize and fight malignant cancer cells. The topic is complex, not every type of cancer can be treated in this way. But in some forms, such as black skin cancer, doctors are already achieving amazing results.

In this episode, Philipp Beckhove explains how immunotherapy works in cancer treatment, where the opportunities and where the limits lie, and what questions researchers are still concerned with. The tumor immunologist and internist heads the Leibniz Institute for Immunotherapy (RCI) in Regensburg as a professor for interventional immunology.

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