What does it mean? What are the penalties?

A fine of up to 70 euros is possible
New road sign – what it means and what other unusual signs you should know about

There is a new traffic sign in German traffic that is intended to better protect motorcyclists and cyclists in the future. What exactly does it mean and what are the penalties for disregarding it.

Most traffic signs in Germany are familiar to motorists. However, new traffic signs are constantly being introduced to ensure greater safety on the road. As the meaning of new signs is often not clear from the outset, this can often cause confusion. In the Road Traffic Act (StVO), which was amended in 2020, some new traffic signs have been added and some have been abolished. So also the character 277.1.

New road sign to ensure more safety for motorcyclists and cyclists

The official name of the new traffic sign is: Ban on overtaking single-track vehicles for multi-track motor vehicles and motorcycles with sidecars. Or to keep things simpler, the sign means that trucks and cars are no longer allowed to overtake bicycles, mopeds or motorbikes for a section of the route. Like trucks and cars, motorcycles with sidecars are multi-track vehicles. So they are no longer allowed to overtake two-wheelers. This ban is intended to protect drivers of single-track vehicles from the dangers of overtaking. This should apply when traffic conditions require it. So, for example, on slopes, on sections of road with a confusing traffic situation or bottlenecks.

Correct behavior after an accident

What is the penalty for disregarding traffic sign 277.1?

Disregarding the new traffic sign usually carries a fine of 70 euros. In addition, the offense can also result in a point at the road traffic authority in Flensburg be punished.

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