Three easy craft ideas for lanterns

Martin singing 2022
Three quick and easy ways to make a lantern

Every year on November 11th the Martinsingen takes place. Then it says again: “I’ll go with my lantern and my lantern with me.” But in order to sing that credibly, you need one. We show three simple ways to make a lantern yourself.

When the doorbell rings on the evening of November 11th and you are greeted by cheerfully singing children’s voices when you open the front door, you are very happy if you are well prepared and can offer the cheerful Martinsinger a few sweets.

In return, the little St. Martin’s singers go to great lengths, overcome themselves to sing loud and clear and even make lanterns at school or with their parents beforehand.

But we all know that good preparation doesn’t always work out that well. Some of them just rush to the supermarket to get something sweet, while others tinker their lanterns two hours beforehand. For the latter, we have prepared three simple instructions with which you can make a pretty lantern in no time.

1. The Five Minute Lantern

  • Materials needed: colored paper, PET bottle, scissors, adhesive tape, pins, thread/twine, pen, lantern stick
  • That’s how it’s done: First cut off the neck of the bottle, then poke holes in both sides of the bottle with a needle and enlarge them with a pen point, then cut two equal lengths of thread and thread them on both sides of the bottle and knot them together. Then take the paper, fold it in the middle and then fold the edges to the middle, then make wide cuts on the middle fold and make narrow cuts on the sides. Then wrap the bottle in the paper and fix it with scotch tape. Then knot the threads and hang them on the lantern stick. And the five-minute lamp is ready.

2. The corrugated lantern

  • Materials needed: Corrugated cardboard (black), tracing paper (yellow), scissors or cutter, ruler, glue, pen, sheets of paper, aluminum foil or metal foil, ink pad or paint and brush
  • Here’s how it works: First transfer a large square onto the corrugated cardboard. Paint the large square four times next to each other, the first time adding a border of glue to the right. The square template is applied to the bottom and top of the first square. Then cut out the outlines with a cutter or scissors. Now it’s time for the stamping. With different leaves you can create varied motifs. You can also cut the windows out of tracing paper. Either you take a stamp pad or paint with which you blacken or paint the sheet. It’s worth pre-stamping on paper to test it out. Leaves with a long stem are practical, so you don’t get your hands dirty. Now the transparent film is then glued to the corrugated cardboard and the lantern. We reinforce the bottom with metal or aluminum foil. Finished!

3. The Shadow Lantern

  • Materials needed: Cardboard, lantern rings, patterned tracing paper (extra strong), scissors or cutter, pen and glue
  • Here’s how it works: First, cut a piece of the tracing paper wide enough to fit around the ring and as high as you want. Then paint a motif of your choice on the cardboard and cut it out. There should be a piece of cardboard sticking out on the right and left. Then glue the two cardboard ends to form a ring. Then stick the film to the top and bottom of the lantern ring. The edge pieces of the film are also glued together. Now place your ring in the lantern. Finished. However, since only paper and cardboard is used here, it is important to only place one candle with a glass in the lantern.

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