The risk for the farmers increases

Dhe sharply increased costs for energy and fertilizer are causing problems for Hessen’s farmers. Still prevent the higher proceeds for grain and milkthat many farms get into financial difficulties. However, Farmer President Karsten Schmal and the representative of the farmers from Wetterau, Andrea Rahn-Farr, warn that the risk for farmers has increased and call for a policy of prudence and more financial support. Schmal is very concerned about animal owners, organic farmers and regional direct marketers.

The Rahn-Farr farm in Rinderb├╝gen near B├╝dingen in the Wetterau has 400 dairy cows. “We grow most of our feed ourselves and run a biogas plant with the manure from our cows,” says the chairwoman of the Wetterau-Frankfurt regional farmers’ association. Even if Rahn-Farr manages to cover part of the required fertilizer with liquid manure and manure from their own cows, mineral fertilizers have to be bought in, as she says. “This is currently a problem due to the price explosion,” said the farmer. Actually, she should now buy the fertilizer for next spring, which, at 90 to 100 euros per 100 kilograms, costs four to five times the usual price. That’s why she hesitates.

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