The problem of many apples

Sometimes you come across strange tasks on the Internet: There is a system of equations to be solved, and so that the dreaded math phobia does not immediately break out in the viewer, there are apples, pears or other sympathetic objects for the unknown instead of letters like x and y. Incidentally, this imagery conveys the message that the solutions to the equations should be positive integers. These are so-called Diophantine equations, named after the ancient mathematician Diophantus of Alexandria, who laid the foundation for algebra and number theory with his only partially preserved works.

There is also a »challenge« such as »95 percent of all people cannot solve this equation«; want to say: Show that you can do it and prove to yourself that you belong to the 5 percent smartest.

It might even be a nice pastime. Just don’t make the mistake of clicking on the task. Then the solution to the problem does not come, but rather an offer for Viagra or a surefire investment that surefirely only makes the provider rich.

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