The HHU now has a partnership with the University of Chernivtsi​

University partnership with Chernivtsi
This is how the Heine University helps Ukrainian students

Heinrich Heine University wants to help students in Ukraine. That is why she entered into a partnership with the Franz Joseph University in Chernivtsi. There is funding and very practical help in everyday life.

For a few weeks, not only the town twinning between Dusseldorf and the Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi, but also sealed the partnership between their universities. The Ukrainian rector Roman Petryschyn and the rector of the Heinrich Heine University, Anja Steinbeck, signed a “Memorandum of Understanding” on an official, long-term partnership between the universities. “With this partnership, we are sending another sign of our lasting solidarity with Ukraine,” says Steinbeck.

At war against Russia Many school and university buildings were damaged and destroyed, Petryshyn knows. Many teachers, pupils and students have them Ukraine leaving. That is why any form of support is important for the country. “The partnership that has now been decided gives us the opportunity to provide even more concrete help and to expand direct scientific relationships,” says Stefan Marschall, Vice President for International Affairs and Science Communication at HHU.

The Ukrainian university was founded in 1875 as a German-language university when the area around Chernivtsi was under Austrian influence. In 2020, it had almost 17,000 students who could study subjects such as philosophy, mathematics, biology, chemistry, computer science, economics, history, political science, international law, philology and physics in 16 faculties – courses that are also offered at HHU. This results in great potential for cooperation.

The university would like to support those who, despite the war, campaigned for education and academic freedom. At the beginning of the aid measures, the HHU provided grants for twelve researchers and doctoral students from Ukraine. This allows the scholarship holders to continue their scientific work for up to five months. They are also supported in finding accommodation and in dealing with the authorities.

In the coming year, the HHU will award two more exchange grants for students from Chernivtsi. In addition, as for all students from the partner universities, there are German courses and free summer language grants including pocket money.

In general, the International Office at HHU supports all exchange students with formalities and with registering for the dormitory. The Erasmus Student Network provides a mentor who has himself been abroad with Erasmus.

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