Textile industry – Fast Fashion: More harmful to the climate than flying – Knowledge

Textile industry – Fast Fashion: More harmful to the climate than flying – Knowledge – SRF

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Our clothing consumption causes the biggest of all fashion sins: water pollution, oil consumption or microplastics. Jara Helmi is looking for more climate-friendly alternatives to fast fashion.

Always newer and cheaper, only to end up in the garbage after a short time: the textile industry has become one of the biggest polluters of the climate. In comparison: fast fashion produces more greenhouse gases than international flights and shipping combined.

cotton or plastic?

The problems lie in different parts of the production chain: cultivation, manufacturing and transport. 65 percent of all textile fibers on the world market are made of synthetic chemical fibers – almost 100 million tons of oil are needed for their production. The cotton is not really better due to its environmentally harmful cultivation. The impact on our environment is literally unmistakable: next season’s fashion color can be partially seen in the rivers of the producing countries. What can be done against this fast fad?

Second-hand, upcycling or deadstock are intended to counteract the environmentally harmful consumption of clothing. In the new episode of SRF CO2ntrol, Jara Helmi gets to the bottom of these solutions – and tries to put together a sustainable outfit for 50 francs.

CO2ntrol, November 10, 2021, 6:00 p.m.;

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