Sugar Festival 2023: beginning, meaning, congratulations

end of ramadan This is what you need to know about the Sugar Festival

Dusseldorf · The fasting month of Ramadan ends with a three-day sugar festival. What exactly is happening there and what is the significance of the festival for Muslims? All questions and answers.


Wishes, greetings and quotes for Ramadan

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Ramadan: This is what you need to know about the month of fasting

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Some facts about Ramadan

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Ramadan 2023 - Recipes: These are the best recipes for Ramadan

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These are the best recipes for Ramadan

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How to congratulate and what are the sayings?

  • Turkish: “Bayram mübarek olsun” (“I wish you a blessed festival!”)
  • Turkish: “Ramazan bayraminiz mübarek olsun.” (“Wish you a blessed Ramadan.”)
  • English: “So that our religions unite us in the sense of humanity, instead of separating us because of different beliefs. Eid Mubarak.” (Hockson Floid)
  • English: “Ramadan does not change our daily routine, but our hearts.” (Al Bukhari)
  • English: “Ramadan does not come to change our schedules. It comes to change our hearts.”

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