Sociologist Julia Gutjahr on dealing with problem bears

After Gaia the bear allegedly killed a jogger, the debate about wild animals becomes emotional again. Some want the bear to be put to sleep as quickly as possible, while others are committed to protecting wild animals.

After a she-bear is said to have killed a jogger in Italy, the right way to deal with wild animals is discussed: kill or tolerate? In the second part of our series “Wild Germany” we deal with the question of why the debate about “problem animals” is often so emotional.

In the next few days, a court will decide on the future of the bear Gaia. Does she have to be put down for killing a human? Or is she allowed to live on in captivity? Politicians are calling for short work to be done. Animal rights activists, on the other hand, fight for Gaia’s release and even try to prove their “innocence”.. What does it say about us humans when we punish animals or want to save them at all costs? The editorial network Germany spoke to Julia Gutjahr, a sociologist who specializes in researching human-animal relationships.

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