Majority sees climate change as the greatest risk for the future

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The majority sees climate change as the greatest risk for the future

According to a survey by the insurance company AXA, Germans see climate change as the greatest risk for the future. The energy supply is also a cause for concern.

The majority of people in Germany see climate change as the greatest risk of the future. This was the result of a survey published by the insurance company AXA in Cologne on Thursday. Accordingly, 54 percent of those surveyed said they were worried about climate change. 41 percent of Germans also see future risks in the energy supply and 40 percent in social tensions.

According to the survey, which is representative according to AXA, the Germans assess the risks in the energy supply as above average in an international comparison. Globally, around 30 percent of those surveyed counted problems related to energy supply as the greatest risks for the future. Around 74 percent of Germans also do not believe that the authorities are well prepared for problems in the energy supply.

According to the survey, Germans also have relatively little trust in their fellow citizens’ ability to deal with crises. Only 36 percent of those surveyed believe that their fellow human beings are well prepared for a crisis. According to AXA, the value in Europe is 45 percent on average, and even 49 percent worldwide.

In Germany, on the other hand, the police and the Bundeswehr enjoy a lot of trust – 55 percent, more than half of Germans trust in their crisis competence. According to this, around two-thirds of those surveyed worldwide (64 percent) say that the police and military are well prepared for crises.

Irrespective of future risks, Germans still feel safe in their country. While 47 percent of respondents worldwide feel vulnerable in their country, only 24 percent say so in Germany. In an international comparison, Germany has the lowest value.

For the annual survey, around 20,000 people in around 15 countries were surveyed online by the market research institute Ipsos on behalf of AXA. In addition, 4,500 risk experts from 58 countries were interviewed online in June.


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