Long Covid: how to treat and what is lacking – knowledge

17 million people suffer from in Europe Long Covid, according to estimates by the World Health Organization. So far, however, they have often received little support because there is not enough knowledge about this disease – and because it is often not taken seriously. For example, many assume that it is purely psychosomatic.

“Complete nonsense,” says Bernhard Schieffer, director of the cardiology clinic at the University Hospital in Marburg, who is also involved in the interdisciplinary post-Covid outpatient clinic in Marburg. In his opinion, however, those affected still need psychological support, since post-Covid is typically accompanied by panic attacks and similar neuropsychiatric disorders. “Treating a long-Covid patient requires an interdisciplinary approach that differs from patient to patient, because not everyone has the same symptoms,” says Schieffer. He also calls for nationwide contact points, more money for clinical studies and, above all, a long-Covid initiative by the federal government.

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