“Last generation”: Climate protest at the Brandenburg Gate

“Last Generation”
Climate protest at the Brandenburg Gate

Two activists from the climate protest group “Last Generation” climbed the Brandenburg Gate on Wednesday. The action is part of a series of partly controversial forms of protest by the group.

On the huge structure, the people look like little pawns. On Wednesday, two activists are for the climate protection on the Brandenburg Gate climbed. On the building in Germany’s capital Berlin put up a big poster. “We continue to race unchecked into the climate catastrophe,” shouted an activist into a megaphone. “If we want to survive, then we have to come together and act now.”

The women belong to a group called the Last Generation. The activists call on the government to do significantly more to protect the climate. Some of them choose controversial methods for their protest. Men and women have recently repeatedly blocked important roads. Rescue vehicles were also stuck in the traffic jam. Some activists also defaced famous paintings in museums.

This caused trouble for many people in Germany. In a survey, a large majority of those questioned stated that the activists are more likely to harm climate protection with such actions.


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