Last generation: actions understandable for protest researchers

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Actions of the “last generation” understandable for protest researchers

The climate protection group “Last Generation” has attracted a lot of attention with its controversial actions. The forms of protest are understandable, says a protest researcher.

The Berlin protest researcher Simon Teune considers the controversial actions of the “Last Generation” initiative to be understandable. “Only the disruption leads to the applicable rules and priorities being called into question,” said Teune Berlin the Evangelical Press Service (epd). That applied to the women’s rights movement and the anti-nuclear movement, “and it still applies today to the climate justice movement”. Teune is a protest and movement researcher at the Freie Universität Berlin.

“Protests disturb, irritate and sometimes annoy you,” emphasized the sociologist: “It’s not about pleasing everyone, it’s about putting your finger in the wound.” but in combination with involvement in other places, educational work, large demonstrations, proposals for alternatives”. Above all, the disruption is an expression of the urgency of a different policy and a different attitude to the climate crisis.

“The fact that we are upset about activists who are glued to the wall, but not about a collapsing world climate, is part of the message of the ‘last generation’,” emphasized the protest researcher: “We are getting a pretty clear picture of where we are as a society in dealing with the climate crisis stand.” The “last generation” is being beaten for “the fact that we are not able to react consistently to the threat of the climate crisis”.

He can well imagine “that in a few years we will shake our heads when we look at the discussions today,” said Teune. “What we are facing in terms of conflict triggered by climate change will far eclipse the debate on how far protest can go,” he said. “What is currently missing is a discussion about what an effective and just climate policy should look like and who could and should act on it,” added the scientist.


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