Federal Environment Agency: Water quality in German bathing waters is very high

Dhe German bathing waters are almost without exception very clean. Like the Federal Environment Agency on Friday in Dessau with reference to an annual report by the EU Commission, the water quality was rated as good or excellent by more than 96 percent of the official bathing waters in Germany in the past bathing season. According to this, 98 percent of the bathing waters in Germany meet the minimum requirements of the EU Bathing Water Directive.

“With these results, German bathing waters are among the top ten in Europe – so nothing stands in the way of jumping into the cool water,” said the President of the Federal Environment Agency, Dirk Messner. Measured values ​​for the quality of the individual bathing waters are available on the websites of the federal states.

According to this, 1930 inland waters and 362 bathing areas were examined along the German coasts of northern and southern Germany Baltic Sea. According to the EU, only 14 of around 2,300 bodies of water were deficient. In addition, in Germany last year, as a precaution, a ban on bathing was issued or bathing was advised against in 118 cases.

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84 times blue-green algae were the reason, 30 times the entry of dirty water, for example after heavy rain events. In addition, there were several warnings after a large fish kill with an initially unclear cause in the Oder during the summer.

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