Editorial: On our own behalf – spectrum of science

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve reduced the size of this issue. Unfortunately, the massive increase in costs for paper, energy and transport left us with no other choice.

Of course we do not want to withhold the missing articles from you, but offer them to you in a paperless way: You will find the reviews, the sections »Schlichting!« and »Futur III« as well as an article about gaseous messenger substances in the brain completely online at spectrum.de/plus. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you at this point in time how long this reduction will be necessary. However, we will always make the articles that have been moved out of the magazine available to you online and announce them in the magazine.

Online access also offers you the opportunity to go directly to the sources used or further articles. We offer you all the comforts that a text on the Internet can offer. If you have any questions about this offer, please feel free to write to redaktion@ spectrum.de.

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