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Whether electric, hybrid, gas or hydrogen: the alternatives to the classic combustion engine are on the rise. Which ones really protect the environment?

There are currently around 70,000 electric cars on Swiss roads – just 1.5 percent of the total of 4.7 million cars. Would it even be possible to power all Swiss cars with electricity? Marina Fischer from “SRF CO2ntrol” did the math: Our electricity requirements would increase by 20 to 25 percent.

Driving should become more environmentally friendly. Be it with the switch to electric cars or other alternatives that already exist to the classic combustion engine. However, not all new solutions perform equally well.

Which drive is the right one?

According to Martin Bolliger from the Swiss Touring Club (TCS), for example, the internal combustion engine can be made more efficient with a hybrid. In the long run, however, an electric car performs clearly better in terms of the climate balance, because a hybrid requires petrol and thus emits CO2.

There are also cars that run on gas. Gas contains less carbon than petrol, which means that less CO2 is produced during combustion. However, Bolliger emphasizes that the gas filling station network in Switzerland is not yet very dense: the original advantage can be lost again due to the long journeys to the filling station and back.

Hydrogen as a drive is often seen as very clean, but according to the TCS expert it is not that simple. Hydrogen is only an energy carrier and not an energy source. It already needs a lot of electricity during production. Overall, a hydrogen-powered car therefore requires around five times more electricity than a normal electric car.

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