Climate Fear – Why are we afraid of global warming? – Knowledge

Climate Fear – Why are we afraid of global warming? – Knowledge – SRF

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The negative headlines about our climate are piling up. These do not leave our psyche untouched. Whether anger, sadness, fear, hopelessness or guilt: a new study provides insight into the feelings that the future of our planet can trigger.

Pictures of flooded villages and polluted seas: They make a whole generation sad, angry and desperate. One of the first global studies on climate anxiety makes this clear: more than half of the 10,000 16 to 25 year olds surveyed rate the future in relation to the climate as scary or even very scary. What can we do about these feelings?

Jara Helmi talks to the psychologist Stephanie Karrer and gets to the bottom of the matter. During the conversation, it becomes clear that everyone’s fear of climate change is different. We all react differently to these feelings. In principle, however, fear can also be a good thing, because it can motivate and mobilize. But when does it become dangerous?

Do you have similar feelings when you think about global warming? How do you deal with that? Tell us in the comments.

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