Charité Berlin: the number of intensive care patients is increasing – “may have to limit care”

BErlin’s Charité University Hospital is concerned about the current corona infection situation. “We may be running into a situation in which we have to limit regular care again,” said Charité board member Prof. Martin E. Kreis on Monday. “If the protection against infection with the Mask requirement indoors would be intensified, we would have a good opportunity to counteract the difficult situation in the hospitals,” said Kreis.

According to the physician, there are two burdens for the clinics: “Firstly, we are significantly more sick than usual, many employees are absent due to positive corona tests or illnesses,” explained Kreis. In the past week, the number of occupied intensive care beds has gone up again. “A quarter of the patients who are admitted to us with a positive corona test have to be cared for there.” Above all, however, there is considerable pressure on the normal wards and emergency rooms.

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“Many people come to the emergency rooms with Sars-CoV-2 infections. They have to be isolated there,” said Kreis. “If the capacities are fully utilized and people cannot be transferred further, the emergency rooms have to be reduced.” That was clearly evident in the past week.

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