Autoplay while streaming consumes more power​

Function can be switched off
Autoplay while streaming consumes more power

Entertainment is one thing: it would often be more boring without streaming services. However, the provision, transmission and playback of the content is also an energy factor. Switching off the automatic playback of content saves electricity and does something for the climate.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re on the sofa or in front of the computer at your desk: streaming consumes a lot of energy. And that doesn’t just mean the devices at home. In order to streaming To function at all, data centers are required to store and make available the audio and video content.

If you want to do something good for your electricity bill and the environment, you can start with a simple measure and use the autoplay function, advise the consumer advice centers.

Because it causes the next video to start automatically, which you might not want to watch at all. With streaming services, on social media platforms and in the browser, you can often switch off the function – and you should do so to save energy.


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