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The verdict “autistic” falls quickly these days. On the one hand, it is misused as a swear word. On the other hand, many people think of themselves as autistic. At an SZ health forum, experts explain what this diagnosis is really all about – and what helps those affected.

Anyone who behaves in a socially unusual way or does not seem cooperative enough will quickly be given the diagnosis “autistic” by acquaintances or colleagues. At the same time, the psychiatric disorder has also become a coveted label in recent years. More and more people who want to have discovered autistic traits in themselves and others are pouring into outpatient clinics and practices. The presence of autistic people in film and television, where autistic people are often attributed superpowers, may also contribute to this. And finally, some autistic people are demanding more and more vehemently not to be classified as sick. They do have special characteristics, but they don’t necessarily need to be treated, they say.

But what is autism I agree? How do I know if my child or I are affected? Do autistic people need treatment? What therapies are there, and how successful are they? And how much loneliness is still normal? Our science editor Dr. Christina Berndt on Wednesday, December 7th from 8.30 p.m. as part of an SZ health forum with experts.

Viewers can ask questions during the online event. Do you already have a question for the discussion guests? Then please send them to us

SZ-Gesundheitsforum: Autism – How much solitary work is still normal? Wednesday, December 7th, 8.30 p.m., participation free of charge, Registration for the live stream required.

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