“Artemis 2”: Astronauts presented for moon mission – knowledge

Nasa is drawn to the moon: The US space agency has proposed the names of four astronauts who will be with the Artemis 2mission to fly around the moon: Nasa astronaut Christina Koch, her colleagues Victor Glover and Reid Wiseman and Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen. They would be the first people to go near the moon since astronauts did the last one Apollo-Mission entered our satellite in 1972 for some time.

The Artemis 2-Mission is currently scheduled for November 2024. It would be the first manned artemis-Start after the successful test of the Artemis 1mission in December. The unmanned capsule Orion traveled a good 1.4 million miles through space, flew around the moon and landed in the Pacific after around 26 days in space. She had collected important data.

The unmanned test mission was considered an important step for the return of humans to the moon, with the long-term goal of a trip to Mars. Around a year after Artemis 2 should with Artemis 3 another manned flight including moon landing will follow. With the one named after the Greek goddess of the moon artemisprogram to land a woman and a non-white person on the moon for the first time. The European Space Agency Esa and space agencies from several other countries are on artemis involved.

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