An ice-cold case: new questions about the murder of Ötzi – knowledge


Jacob Wetzel

The discovery of the body on September 19, 1991 was a stroke of luck for science. Two mountaineers discovered that day on the Tisenjoch in the Ötztal Alps a frozen, naturally mummified corpse; today the man is known worldwide as “Iceman”, “Frozen Fritz” or “Ötzi”. It was soon said that he was unique. After all, he has lain unchanged and shielded from the outside world in the ice for around 5,300 years, along with clothing and tools, an unfinished bow, a quiver with 14 arrows and a copper ax, all well preserved as in a time capsule. Since then, hardly any archaeological find has been described as extensively as the “Iceman” and his belongings. But now, more than 30 years later, it is clear: the idea of ​​a time capsule is not correct. And there are many question marks behind the stories about Ötzi.

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