Activists spray coalition party headquarters

Climate protests in Berlin
Activists spray paint on party headquarters

Climate activists have protested the government’s environmental policies by spray-painting the facades of party headquarters. They accuse the government of not doing enough to combat “climate collapse”.

Climate activists from the “Last Generation” initiative have on Wednesday morning in Berlin the party headquarters of SPDGreens and FDP extensively sprayed with orange paint. In addition, individual activists had glued themselves to house facades, said a police spokeswoman in Berlin when asked by the Evangelical Press Service (epd).

Banners said, among other things, “What if the government doesn’t have this under control”. The initiative explained on Twitter: “We are spraying the Berlin headquarters of the SPD, Greens and FDP because the traffic light has no plan against #climatecollapse.” Among other things, it said: “Every tenth of a degree counts, why wait with #speed limit & #9EuroTicket?”

The federal office of the Greens on the square in front of the New Gate, the SPD party headquarters in Wilhelmstrasse and the FDP federal office in Reinhardstrasse were affected. In the past few weeks, the “Last Generation” has drawn attention to their concerns, above all with road and motorway blockades. Because of the possible obstruction of rescue vehicles, it is therefore criticized. In addition, activists in museums threw tomato soup or mashed potatoes at famous paintings and glued themselves in front of them.

Of the federal government accuses the initiative of not recognizing the danger of climate collapse: “We live in a country where science and its research are simply ignored.” parties “The control of our survival is slipping away. They are leading the populace on a deadly course,” one tweet said.


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