About Us

Free information – free choices

Our Mission

We provide information to people all around the world as an independent, global media organization, so our readers may make their own judgments.

We want individuals to use their right to free speech and that there may be a free interchange of ideas based on factual facts.
The media are crucial in this because they categorize information, give other viewpoints a voice, and control the conversation.
We rely on individuals, groups, and communities that value productive debate and who support an engaged and informed civil society.
This enables collaboration.

Our Vision

By 2025, ecoplanetnews.com will be a vital source of online knowledge, motivating its readers with dialogical, on-demand, and regionalized services.

Our Offer

In order to foster understanding and intellectual interchange between many cultures and people, we offer a venue for European and other points of view on crucial problems.

Our professionals create top-notch multimedia material, which is then shared online and on social media.

Freedom. Dialog. Knowledge.

Our goal is to promote a peaceful, stable world community. That is why we focus on issues such as freedom and human rights, democracy and the rule of law, world trade and social justice, health education and environmental protection, technology and innovation.

Our Audience

We connect to young people who influence political opinion throughout the world.
These act as multipliers of novel political, social, and cultural concepts.
We cover subjects that matter to our target audiences and speak to their realities on a daily basis.
We provide forums for discussion, we pay attention, we use their language, and we fill up knowledge gaps.