‘No Man’s Sky’ update adds giant mechs with jetpacks
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‘No Man’s Sky’ update adds giant mechs with jetpacks

The Exo Mech Update

🤖 Exo Mech

🏎️ Improved Exocraft

🔌 Hide Wiring

😍 GFX Enhancements

🏕️ Base Building QoL

🪐 Summon Exos from Freighters

🥽 Detailed VR cockpit

🛰️ Solar tech

🧭 Exocraft scanners

🥰 New Decals

🎁 And much more

Out now and free 🍾https://t.co/SiXWm9dF1J pic.twitter.com/xTipeN141p

— Sean Murray (@NoMansSky) April 7, 2020

You’ll be able to investigate planets in virtual reality while in the mech if you play with PS VR or a Steam VR-compatible headset. Freighter owners can build an Orbital Exocraft Materialiser to summon their Minotaur or other exocraft from anywhere within the same star system. Best of all, though, the Minotaur boasts a jetpack, so you can glide through the air and stomp back onto the surface.

The update brings some other features to No Man’s Sky, such as solar panels for all exocraft so you can juice up their power banks during daylight. It also packs in bug fixes and quality of life improvements, but it’s really all about that mech.

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