‘Society deviating from the Mahatma’s principles’
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‘Society deviating from the Mahatma’s principles’

“Our entire ecosystem is facing the threat of going extinct due to the greed of human beings. The future will not be bright if society fails to realise this and take corrective measures now,” said environmentalist and Rajyotsava Award winner Shivaji Kaganikar.

He was speaking after inaugurating a three-day children’s meet on biodiversity organised by various organisations in association with the Education Department on the DIET premises in Dharwad on Thursday.

He said that the root cause for environmental pollution is that society is deviating from the principles of the Mahatma. Nature is being recklessly destroyed in the wake of urbanisation and people have failed to utilise natural resources meticulously. Though man is considered as an intelligent animal on the planet, he has shown stupidity in conservation of nature, he said.

Education Department Additional Comissioner Maj (retd.) Siddalingayya Hiremath, who was guest, said that till 1800 AD, there were 1,300 crore species on Earth and by 2020, the number has come down to just 1 %. Extraction and use of petrochemicals have damaged environment in a big way.

If society had adopted green energy 100 years ago, Earth would have been a cleaner, greener planet today, he said.

Pandurang Hegde, Sanjiv Kulkarni, former MLA Chandrakanth Bellad, G.L. Janardhan and others spoke.

As many as 80 students from high school would present papers and make posters on the impact of global warming and climate change in their surroundings during the event.

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