Spacecraft uses solar power to orbit Earth
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Spacecraft uses solar power to orbit Earth

Solar sailing has the potential to make space travel cheaper and allow for interstellar travel
| Photo source Planetary Society

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LightSail 2 aims to prove that solar sailing is a cost-effective way to propel small satellites through space

Spotted: The US-based Planetary Society has deployed a solar-powered spacecraft. LightSail 2 is the first spacecraft to orbit the Earth propelled only by solar power, according to the Planetary Society. 

LightSail 2 features a small, bread-loaf-sized satellite and four large solar sails. The sails’ mirrored surfaces capture energy from the sun. The energy is used to propel the spacecraft forward, a process known as solar sailing. The solar energy provides a slow but constant push forward, which can gain speed as the spacecraft travels. 

LightSail 2 aims to show that solar sailing is a viable means of propulsion for small spacecraft known as CubeSats. “W

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